I’ve been to this paradise 7 times (4 times by motorbike, 1 time by company bus, and 2 times by car) already and I am ready to make 10 more trips to this jungle of paradise. Mahabaleshwar is about 120 km from Pune, where we stay. The enjoyable two and a half hours drive surrounded by the most magnificent scenes is a really great relaxation.

It is a popular holiday resorts and picnic spots and also known for strawberries produced.

There is a cute little street night market right in the centre of the town. There are great jams and syrups to try, a lot of handicraft and local products. The food though is not really good (in my opinion).

You can do the strawberries products tastings

Have fun walking around the natural parks

Enjoy the most beautiful views

For more information about this beautiful paradise visit


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