Beef Noodle

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If I were in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore or any other Southeast Asia countries, I would not make this at home. I would go to my favourite noodle stores or exploring new noodle stores which would be in every corner of the streets. But here, I have to make one myself.

It is not a very difficult recipe, but it takes time and a lot of attention. It is not worth to just make one for. It’s great for a large number of people as you have to put extra effort in this wonderful dish.
I don’t like to work with difficult recipe. As a full time mom with professional business and a lot of works, I prefer to keep things simple and easy.

I use pressure cooker for cooking to speed up the process of this yummy soup. If you don’t have one, you have to simmer for at lease 3-4 hours or until the beef is very tender.

Beef Noodle soup

Ingredients: (4-6 serving)

For soup:

500 gm beef- chopped to medium pieces

1 whole garlic- peeled and bruised

1 large onion- halved

3 stalks celery- roughly slice

2 tbsp light soy sauce

1 tbsp soy sauce

2 tsp salt

2 tsp sugar

2 tbsp Chinese five spices powder

6 cups water

Mix everything together and bring to boil. Simmer for 3-4 hours or until beef is very tender. Check for seasoning.

But if you have pressure cooker, cook for 20-30 minutes. Check the meat and seasoning.

Skim extra fat from the surface.

For noodle:

250 gm Rice noodle stick- uncooked (you can use egg noodle, or regular noodle)

Cook noodle as per the direction on the package and keep aside.


Sliced cabbage or beans sprout

Chopped celery leaves or spring onion

Roasted peanut- ground

Golden fried garlic

Assemble the bowl:

Add noodle in the bowl, follow by sliced cabbage, chopped celery leaves, ground peanut and fried garlic then pour in the yummy soup with tender beef. Enjoy!

Hi friends,

 Homewarming has moved to new home here.




18 Comments Add yours

  1. amweekes says:

    Looks delicious and perfect for a cold winter night! 😀

  2. Kristie says:

    I have to try this recipe…it looks amazing! I now have to try and find the Chinese five spices powder.

    1. Tes says:

      Thanks for commenting. You can find chinese 5 spices in Asian store. If you couldn’t find, I can tell you how to make some at home. Let me know how it goes.

  3. kwanster says:

    that looks like something that i will order for lunch when im in Hong Kong!! i miss it so much!!
    i really need to try out ur recipe!!
    can i ask what cut of the beef did u use??

    1. Tes says:

      Thanks for visiting. I use beef belly with extra fat. If your want it to be more healthy, use flank steak, it will work fine.

  4. Abby says:

    looks really yummy. now that’s its starting to rain here, a hot noodle dish is what im craving for:)

    i’ll try, i’ll try…

  5. Homesick… beef noodles!!

  6. Andrea says:

    Hello, Tes. This looks yummy. Beef noodle soup is one of my daughter’s favorite dishes here. We ate Pho in Vietnam and it is now her favorite thing ever. This looks like Pho. Would you say it is? Now we can get all of these yummy dishes nearby in Singapore but often they have added MSG and so much salt, which probably is what makes them so yummy but also unhealthy. I’d love to make these dishes myself to keep them healthier. Thanks so much for you recipes. I look at each one of them and will hold on to your blog for all time! Keep cooking and keep blogging!! 🙂

    1. Tes says:


      I love you like this recipe. True, it is just like Pho. To make it taste more like the Pho your daughter love you can add few slices of galangal in the beef stock, too. Every noodles stores put MSG and it’s really unhealthy, so it’s better to make at home for our family. Thanks for visit and you are always welcome in our home.

      1. thestunzfamily says:

        Thanks and you are likewise welcome in our home! I will have to look up galangal. I’m a definite newbie to Asian cooking but I can’t wait to make this and surprise my daughter!

  7. This looks delicious, Tes! As I don’t live near an Asian street market either, I’ll have to try making this at home.. 🙂

  8. TaMara says:

    Tes, I’m really enjoying your blog. I bookmarked it and check in every day. The recipes all look delicious and the photos are wonderful – TaMara

  9. aauntiem says:

    This soup sounds so good and a nice dish to make on a lazy Sunday off. i even think my picky husband would eat it!

  10. Tes – this sounds great. I am not a huge fan of red meat, but I think it would work with chicken as well. I’l have to pick up some chinese five spice powder and try this. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Tes says:

      It is so great with chicken. And chicken cooks faster so you enjoy the noodle faster

  11. Katherine: What About Summer? says:

    I love your authentic chopsticks!

  12. leeswammes says:

    That looks nice! I might try that. I have a recipe a bit like it, except it’s with chicken and potatoes (not noodles), but it also requires you to add the ingredients together just before eating. It’s here:

    I called it “soup with a difference” because for me it’s normal to cook a soup with everything on the stove, instead of preparing the ingredients and then put them in individual bowls. But I like it, it’s easy and you can also save some of the ingredients in the fridge and make the same soup again the next day (if you want).

    1. Tes says:

      It sounds great. I have to try it.

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